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Angelo Remo'n was born and raised in South Georgia, the son of two operatic singers who laid the foundation for his natural singing ability. Although influenced by many soul music greats such as Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder and Al Green, Angelo's uncle was also one of his greatest inspirations and sparked his passion for music.

      Angelo first found success writing and producing the theme song for BET’s reality show “The Platinum House” featuring Dru Hill. Soon after, he wrote and co-produced 10 songs on the next two Keith Sweat albums including three sngles "Ridin Solo", "Make You Say Ooh" and “Knew It All Along”

Angelo’s talent has also produced and created songs featuring artists such as Johnny Gill, Co-Co of SWV, Pleasure P, and Bobby Valentino.

Angelo Remo'n passionately enjoys producing music and writing songs, but his first true love is performing on stage as an artist.
“My desire is to inject a little of that feel good vibe into today's music scene much like we had  in the 70s.”

Currently, Angelo tours as a backup singer for Keith Sweat and is promoting his latest album "Blaq Soul"(iTunes, Amazon, Pandora).

Angelo Remo'n -Soul Vocal Strategist-